“Change Agency” report on ALF Event

Picture of SS Ustreaming presentation.
Stephanie Sandifer Ustreaming ALF presentation and participating in the back-channel chat.
Here is a blurb from Stephanie Sandifer’s blog post on yesterday’s American Leadership Forum convocation, where I opened the day with a talk about our students and our worlds.

Today was such an exciting day for education in the Houston area. Houston A+ Challenge and the American Leadership Forum co-hosted the 2008 Convocation on Education, the theme of which was: “Education 2021: Preparing Kids For a Future We Can’t Describe”.

It is worth a special link to point out Stephanie’s notes on how she accomplished the Ustream broadcast. Chris Wherley, one of the virtual attendees said,

Best ustream presentation I have seen from a technology standpoint. Well done Houstonaplus.

Many thanks to all who attended, physically and virtually, and double many thanks to Stephanie. [image ((Sandifer, Stephanie. ” David Warlick Keynote — Our World, Our Children — March 28th, 2008.” Change Agency. 28 Mar 2008. 29 Mar 2008 <http://www.ed421.com/?p=431>.)) ]

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Author: David Warlick

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