“Change Agency” report on ALF Event

Picture of SS Ustreaming presentation.Here is a blurb from Stephanie Sandifer’s blog post on yesterday’s American Leadership Forum convocation, where I opened the day with a talk about our students and our worlds.

Today was such an exciting day for education in the Houston area. Houston A+ Challenge and the American Leadership Forum co-hosted the 2008 Convocation on Education, the theme of which was: “Education 2021: Preparing Kids For a Future We Can’t Describe”.

It is worth a special link to point out Stephanie’s notes on how she accomplished the Ustream broadcast. Chris Wherley, one of the virtual attendees said,

Best ustream presentation I have seen from a technology standpoint. Well done Houstonaplus.

Many thanks to all who attended, physically and virtually, and double many thanks to Stephanie. [image ((Sandifer, Stephanie. ” David Warlick Keynote — Our World, Our Children — March 28th, 2008.” Change Agency. 28 Mar 2008. 29 Mar 2008 <http://www.ed421.com/?p=431>.)) ]

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2 thoughts on ““Change Agency” report on ALF Event”

  1. Thank you David!

    I am very happy that the Ustreaming was successful, and I am especially happy that education leaders in the Houston area have had the opportunity to hear your message about how the world is changing and how we, as educators, need to make significant changes if we hope to prepare our students for THEIR world.

    Thanks for coming to Houston — I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Dave-

    I’ve been listening and reading to a lot of folks, including myself at times, discuss the fact that we are haphazardly trying to get kids ready for a future (as you mention) we couldn’t possibly imagine. Here is a follow-up question for you…

    Isn’t that the same way it has always been??? I am pretty sure that Bill Gate’s high school english lit teacher had no idea he would change the world. How about Einstein’s high school biology teacher? Good teaching and good learning will always be that.

    Here is my philosophy: We are teaching student to learn, to think, and to apply new thoughts in a practical sense. The content, while applicable in some small way, is secondary to the act of simple learning. If they can learn, then the next “thing” is immaterial. Ready to send someone to Mars? No problem. We’ve taught our students to think and problem-solve. Or at least I hope we have.

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