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Spam is on the riseThere’s been a good bit of blogging and Twitting about a sudden increase in e-mail spam.  Anyone know why this is.  Bob Sprankle wrote about it (Spring Cleaning for Spam) in Bit by Bit, and referenced a blog post I wrote in 2006 (Sick and Tired) about the cost of spam.  I commented on his blog with some stats that I use in one of my presentations these days.

There are lots of stats out there about spam. According to a study from Richi Jennings ((Jennings, Richi, “Spam and Other Email Threats: Market and Technology Update.” Farris Research. 8 Jun 2007. Ferris Research. 9 Jun 2007 .)) , Spam cost the world $50 billion in 2005, the U.S. about $19 billion. Projects are that for 2007, that number will double with $35 billion costs for the U.S.

To put this into perspective, acording the to Copenhagen Consensus ((Kerr, Roger. “hard-Hedadad Spending Decisions not Cold-Hearted.” BusinessROUNDTABLE. 2 Jul 2004. New Zealand Business Roundtable. 9 Jun 2007)) , we could bring HIV Aids, world wide, under control for only $27 billion, less than we’ll spend protecting ourselves from spam. [Image ((Kaiser, Steve. “Spam.” DjBones’ Photostream. 24 Sep 2005. 27 Mar 2008 ]

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