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Hitchhikr MobileIt rained just before dawn this morning, as a rogue thunderstorm moved through, leaving behind sun shine, a residual cool, and a bit of very tropical looking steamy mist — a perfect formula for a perfect morning bicycle ride.  I’ve probably said before that Raleigh has a magnificent greenway system that spans pretty much the entire county.  The only real problem with it, for me, is that I ride down hill to reach the greenway and uphill to return home.  Anyway, this morning was especially nice for the first 9 miles.  Then I have to come back home — which is the uphill part that I’ve already mentioned.

I spent most of yesterday adding a new feature to Hitchhikr.  There have been many times that I was at a conference and wanted to be able to check in on what other blogger attendees are seeing and saying.  But, alas, the conference facility does not have WiFi or it simply isn’t convenient to crack open my laptop, or my laptop isn’t with me.  Although NECC will be a WiFi rich facility, cell phones and handhelds might be comfortable ways to jack into the conversation.

So yesterday, I wrote in a mobile version of Hitchhikr.  The URL is:


There are four main options:

  • Home — returns to a rather useless home page
  • List — generates a list of conferences that will happen in the next month, have happened in the past month, or are currently underway
  • Blogs — if you have selected a specific conference, this option will list blog entries that have the conference tag
  • Photos — if you have selected a specific conference, this option will list Flickr’ed photos with the conference tag.

Here are some screen shots!

The home page, a brief introduction worth of reading only once.

A listing of imminent conferences, red for the next month, gray for the past month, and blue for current conferences.

Blog entries for a selected conference with the conference tag.

Flickr’ed photos with the conference tag.

7 thoughts on “Hitchhikr’s in Your Pocket Now!”

  1. Hmmm — do you ever sleep?? And do you wake up just thinking of brand new things to make our lives even better???

    Makes me want to go out and put text on my phone so I can use this!!
    WOO HOO!!

    18 days!!! (LOL, but who is counting!)


    ps — did I say THANKS for creating this!!!

  2. Another application to keep in touch – and lament all those great conferences that my meagre PD dollars just can’t stretch out to – if it weren’t for virtual space I’d have no space at all!

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