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NECC PlannerI just spent a couple of hours searching and sorting through the NECC program, and clicking workshops, BoFs, and presentations in to my conference calendar.  It got pretty heavy there toward the end.  I searched for particular words and phrases in order to list out possibilities.  I wonder of the software that they are using tallies up the search criteria that people are using to find sessions.  It might be interesting to see what attendees are looking for at NECC.

It was also interesting on my part to see the number of hits that emerged from various term searches — terms I’m most interested in, and terms I was just curious about.  Here’s a tally.

Web 2.0 22
Blog 24
Wiki 15
21st century 25
video game 5
rss 5
podcast 30
NETS Refresh 0
Digital Story Telling 0
Second Life 4
Digital Content 4
Assessment 30

4 thoughts on “NECC’s Program Planner”

  1. There are still too few video game sessions. I know we’re not “there” yet in terms of practical application, but the buzz should be building. What’re we doing wrong at this point? In any case, I submitted one, but they accepted my “Internet Awareness and Safety” and “Wiki While You Work” instead. Maybe I shouldn’t have submitted so many and just put my eggs in the most important basket. 🙂

    On the other hand, maybe the time will be right for me to present my dissertation study there next year. (I hope to finish in the fall.)

  2. I agree. It isn’t there yet. However, I see the conversations going to a place where the video game experience will be more acceptable to the classroom. But until then, we need to be building the buzz. Perhaps Second Life has usurped the enthusiasm for this year. Maybe next!

    — dave —

  3. Mark and David: I submitted a presentation of Digital Storytelling 2.0, but it wasn’t accepted as a lecture presentation. I’m very surprised there are no presentations on DST, especially since there is so much room to grow with the technique and so many schools are still getting on board. Hmmm….

  4. Anything on Moodle? DST? Seems odd those two would be left out. Then again, it seemed like last year DSTs were done to death and a lot of the content seemed lifted from a particular person who is a whiz in this field…

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