I’m Enthralled

I’m sitting in a fabulous presentation by Discovery Educator Network’s Steve Dembo — but I am enthralled by they guy who’s sitting next to me.  He pulls out his mobile phone and clicks a picture of Steve in action.  He then clicks some buttons on the phone and slips it back in his pocket.  Then he turns his attention to a tablet PC on his lap, touching the screen with his stylus, pulling up a Blogspot blog, including the photo’s that he is taking.  Then he pops out a small window and scratches some text in a text box, his hand writing translating directly into text.  I am so impressed!

By the way, Steve Dembo completely whiled those attending the session!

9 thoughts on “I’m Enthralled”

  1. Thank you David. This means a lot to me. I saw you at the Il-tce Conference about 4 years ago and have really enjoyed your focus and knowledge. I am honored to make it into 2 cents worth.


  2. Steve always puts on a great presentation, and I can’t wait to see him next month at MACUL. I’m curious, were you sitting in on “The New Permanent Record” or another one of his presentations?

  3. A few years ago, I tried out one of Toshiba’s Tablets and fell in love. However, back then the price was mighty high. Well… it still is, but it is getting better.

    Dave, have you seen many school districts using Tablets (or convertible Tablet / laptops)?


  4. That is my peer from another building. We are at different conferences and I just found this through an RSS feed. good to see that he is actually working! the tablet is a gateway M285E and is not nearly as cool as my Sony UX -:)

  5. Thanks all. As Hank mentioned, while it is not as cool as his UX, I really love the GW M285E Tablet PC. Couple great technology with Vista and is has provided a wonderful experience.

    Kyle, for more information about my tablet experience (including Vista) you can reach me at one of my blogs digitalcents.edublogs.edu or vanishingpoint.edublogs.edu


  6. That’s one of the problems with going to tech conferences, I always wind up with Tablet Envy. But I have a hard time justifying a third laptop and fourth computer for a house with only 2 people who have fine motor skills 🙂

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