Not To Happy

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I Don’t look very happy here, do I? Due to delays in Washington last night, I ended out having about five hours at home, before jetting out again — today, it’s to St. Louis and the Midwest Educational Technology Conference. SO this is what David Thornburg and Ian Jukes feel like! Luckily, I slow way down in a couple of weeks.

I’m actual looking forward to this conference, having presented here a number of years ago. I’ll get to see Hall Davidson again, Wes Fryer, Gail Lovely, and many other conference regulars, including that bundle of creative energy, Meg Ormiston.

I’ll be doing sessions on podcasting and Web 2.0, and a Telling the New Story session for the leadership strand. I don’t know what kind of turn out I’ll have, since Wes has been there for a day already, and already done a podcasting workshop. He’s also dong the social networks session that was such a hit at the Texas state conference.

As a reminder, attendees and presenters at the METC should tag your blogs and flicker photos with metc07.


One thought on “Not To Happy”

  1. David,

    You could start a new book series. Instead of “Where’s Waldo”, it could be “Where’s Warlick, now?’ Kids could track you all over the US and the world.

    Your work here in Shanghai continues to pay dividends. The conversation of how to use technology has continued. This morning one teacher told me, “I love that RSS thing. The problem is now I spend all my time listening to Podcasts and reading articles I never had time to find.

    Hang in there.

    Shanghai American School

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