Things Could Be Worse

Photo Uploaded by David Warlick
I’m sitting in a booth at Ruby’s. 1940s big band is playing over the speaker. Orders are being taken at he counter, and waitress is deliveing food with ample amounts of, “Any thing else, dear?”

A young woman sits at the counter, on a chrome stool, topped with candy-apple red vinyl. She does’t quite reach the foot bar., but seems to be enjoying her home fries.

Outside the window, I see three tail fins of jetliners, all sporting the logo for Song Airlines. You can find a place to retreat and sigh just about any where — even LAX.

2 thoughts on “Things Could Be Worse”

  1. Talking about LAX and relaxing brought to my mind the time when my wife and I emigrated to New Zealand. We flew through LAX with no intention of stopping, however my wife was ill on the flight from Heathrow and we ended up staying 2 nights in LA. The airport staff and those at the Holiday Inn were fantastic. We really got looked after. Even managed some sightseeing on day two, though I don’t suppose you feel like doing much of anything other than getting home.

  2. so how long was your layover —
    I could have come and bought you a starbucks.

    Yes, (though I like Atlanta the best) our LAX airport is like a little metropolis of its own……

    Next time, try to fly through Ontario, CA and dinner will be on me!!


    PS — You will be missed at CUE this weekend. Who will I have to chat with?? 🙂 And, looks like we might have rain again — so it just might snow again? And who will there be to laugh at my glee of snow?? Sadness — I wish you were coming to speak.

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