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I just ran across this.  I’m not sure if it is a blog, or a web site, using blog technology.  But there is some interesting information here in terms of places in the U.S. with lots of smart people.

United States:

According to the 2000 Census Decennial, the Counties (or Parishes) in the United States range, in terms of percent of population (over 25) with a Bachelors Degree or Higher, from a high of 63.8 percent in Falls Church city, Virginia to a low of 4.8 percent in Aleutians East Borough, Alaska.

The ten most highly-educated counties or parrishes in the U.S. are:

1. Falls Church city, Virginia (63.8 percent)
2. Los Alamos County, New Mexico (60.4 percent)
3. Arlington County, Virginia (60.2 percent)
4. Pitkin County, Colorado (57.2 percent)
5. Fairfax County, Virginia (54.8 percent)
6. Montgomery County, Maryland (54.6 percent)
7. Alexandria city, Virginia (54.4 percent)
8. Howard County, Maryland (53 percent)
9. Boulder County, Colorado (52.4 percent)
10. Douglas County, Colorado (51.8 percent)

You can also click individual states to see a list of the ten most highly-educated counties or parrishes.  North Carolina reveals the following. 

1. Orange County (51.4 percent)
2. Wake County (43.8 percent)
3. Durham County (40.2 percent)
4. Mecklenburg County (37.2 percent)
5. Watauga County (33.2 percent)
6. New Hanover County (31 percent)
7. Guilford County (30.2 percent)
8. Forsyth County (28.6 percent)
9. Dare County (27.6 percent)
10. Chatham County (27.6 percent)

It might be interesting to ask students why they would want to live in these places.  What draws people to these places, or what is it about these places that produces highly-educated people.

A while back, I saw an address presented by Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class and the Flight of the Creative Class.  He said that the aspects that draw creative people to certain places is aesthetics and open communities.

What do you think?

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