Prompt Writing?

I’ve been enjoying some e-mail correspondence with Nancy Bosch, at the Neiman Enhanced Learning Center in  Shawnee, Kansas.  Her grades 4-6 students have been blogging for some time.  She has recently introduced them to wikis.  Here are a few comments from her students that she gave me permission to post.

“Boy, I’m glad we didn’t have to write!” (hello….you just spent the whole day writing!!)
“It is so cool to know that somebody might use what I wrote for their research!!”
“I write a lot more carefully knowing the ‘world’ can read it”
“I liked the fact that we could work together, help each other out and link to stuff someone else wrote”

“It is so cool to put something ON the Internet, rather than always taking stuff OFF.”

Nancy mentioned something today I thought I would toss out there for your consideration and sharing.  She says that one thing that’s surprised her is how little she has to prompt her students to write.  She’d thought that she would have to constantly give her students blogging assignments, but they have taken to it as a matter of practice, and are blogging on all sorts of topics.  This is consistant with comments that I’ve gotten from teachers who are using my blogging tool.

So what do you think?  Is it just that they are academically gifted students, or do students actually enjoy blogging, enough to do it for their own intrinsic reasons?

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Author: David Warlick

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