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I made it. It was difficult. I had to come at the place from three directions before I finally found the sign to the Sturbridge Host Hotel. Finally finding registration, I met the conference chair person, and got directed to Will Richardson’s last session. I don’t know what the session is called, but he’s talking about video production, blogging, podcasting, et al.

Will did make a passionate point about how we need to be talking about sharing our students’ work with real audiences. It’s engaging them in real conversations with the world they’re learning about.

I’m looking around at all of the laptops open and sipping from the free WiFi in the air.  I see Blogger, iWeb, and somebody’s looking at the Audacity web site, since that’s what Will is talking about.

OK, I had to check on some e-mail, but I’m back up now, and he’s showing JumpCut, just purchased by Yahoo.  Now this is pretty cool.  He says, “you don’t really need iMovie or MovieMaker any more.”  Well, if we’re talking about giving the power of information artisanship to all (most), then he’s right.  I need to look at this.

Internet is obviously slow.  I guess I’ll need to harvest some web sites for tomorrow’s sessions.

Several people have asked him, how do you do this with this web tool, or can you do that?  And Will, like myself, is saying much of the time, “I suspect that there is a way, but I’m not sure how.”  I think that this is a good answer for two reasons.  First, it’s important to know all of the features of a web app that is in perpetual beta.  Also, it’s important for teachers to see an incredibly accomplished educator, fearlessly, demonstrate and make effective use of technologies, without having memorized every button and nob.  Much of the time, you just have to go in a feel it.

Much more later from MASS CUE.

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