Evening Webinar

I’ll be leaving shortly for the airport, flying up to Hartford, and then a rental car on to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, for the MASS CUE conference. This will be my first MASS CUE, but I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends. Will Richardson and I will overlap for only a few minutes, but I hope to see the last part of his last session, and then catch up a bit.

Kathy Schrock will also be there, and I’m hoping to have dinner tonight with her and some Discovery DEN members. Speaking of DEN, my MASS professional activities will start with a Webinar, sponsored and facilitated by the Discovery Educator Network. I’ll be talking about the Flat World, flat web, and flat classrooms.

We did a run-through yesterday with mixed success. It’s the Mac thing again, though the video conferencing company said that the problem had been fixed in the most recent version of the software. They keep asking me if I have an Intel Mac. Do I need an Intel Mac? Can I sell Brenda on that?

Anyway, I think I might get use to this webinar, virtual presentation thing. Today’s should be easier, since several DEN members will be on hand to give me some human faces to look at. Very relaxing.

More later, from MASSCUE!

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