A Game Based Approach to Website Evaluation

Yes! That caught my attention as well. This is from Learning Times, and seems an intriguing way to look at information literacy within the context of all of the interest out there over video games.

Join Dr. Carl Heine and Dennis O’Connor from the IMSA 21st Century Information Fluency Project for a webinar presenting game based methods for learning digital resource evaluation skills. You will have a chance to preview and play several flash based online learning games including a new website evaluation simulation. A discussion of how to teach evaluation of digital materials will follow. Participants will be given access to free online games about Information Fluency as well as other professional development materials. An educational gaming pre-session will be available one half hour before start-up.

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One thought on “A Game Based Approach to Website Evaluation”

  1. David thanks for posting our Webinar announcement.

    We’ve been creating a series of free online (flash based) games to teach information fluency. Many are search challengs based on essentials like choosing the right keywords or learning to scan the snippets returned by search engines.

    We’re now exploring how to teach evaluation skills. We’ll introduce our new games via the Learning Times Webinar on November 14. All of our work is going into our free subscription based Full Circle Resource Kits. Just sign up and they’re yours!

    Drop by the 21st Century Information Fluency Project and check it out!


    Dennis O’Connor
    IMSA Online Curriculum Developer.

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