On my way home…

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Last night’s flight home got canceled, so American Airlines put me up in a local Ramada. It’s ok. Nothing this morning but a doctor checkup, though I don’t know how that will go after only a few hours of sleep.

I just realized that I have not written lately about my new adventure in mobile computing. My Motorola Q has changed my thinking about handhelds in a number of ways. The screen is not a problem. You simply need a good pair of bifocals. My web access is a little better than dial-up, but that’s fine for what I do, sitting at the airport, resting at a conference, or being driven somewhere. I still hate the OS but having access to the information has significantly changed my travel experience.

This mornng, I have read a bunch of blogs, news, posted a coment response on my blog, and I am posting this entry through flickr.

They are boarding now, and I am looking forward to seeing the skyline of NYC and the East Coast of rhe US on my way home.

Oh my goodness. The flight attendent just walked up. Is it really Halloween?

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  1. David, I’m glad to hear that you are coming along in seeing the benefits of handheld computing! Handheld devices really open up a world for people and I can’t imagine traveling (or even everyday living) without one. Computers that easily go everywhere with you can be extremely valuable tools in education as well. Like for you and and me, they don’t replace a full-sized Mac, Linux, or Windows computer, but they can enable students to do a lot with a little device. I look forward to the leaps and bounds handhelds make in their capabilities, making them more and more useful in education (and in life).

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