20 Mbps & We’re Still Searching for the Same Stuff

I’ve been doing a lot of deep digging while working on my book about the history of technology in education – as I’ve seen it.  This afternoon, I happened upon some online handouts for one of my first keynotes and its slidedeck.  The address was called, “The Three Ts of Teaching in the Twenty-First Century.”  It appears to have been delivered in November of 2000.

On one of the opening slides, I had listed the ten most searched for terms of that month.  As a comparison, I found the top ten searches on Google in 2014, and have listed them as well.

November 2000   2014
10  Pokemon   10  Sochi Olympics
91  Napster   91  Frozen
81  Playstation 2   81  ISIS
71  NFL   7 Conchita Wurst
Florida Recount   Flappy Bird
Britney Spears   ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Thanksgiving   Malaysia Airlines
Dragonball   Ebola
Election 2000   World Cup
Christmas   Robin Williams

I was actually surprised how little it’s changed?  We have video games, sports, entertainment with a peppering of world-shaping issues.

2 thoughts on “20 Mbps & We’re Still Searching for the Same Stuff”

  1. Hi my name is hunter Reid and I am a student at the university of south alabama. It is very interesting how little these search results differ in category. It just shows that we as Americans are still focused on the same things 14 years later

  2. Mr. Warlick,
    My name is Janelle Owens and I am student in EDM31o at the University of South Alabama. I feel that American’s will always focus on the same issues. It will always be about the latest game console, Sports, Entertainment, and News. It has not changed in 14 years, and I feel that it will never change and it will always be that way.

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