We Can See So Much

 Tip 2005 May20 Archimedes04-WebI’m home for a few hours. Because of weather issues on the east coast, I didn’t land in Raleigh this morning until 5:00 AM. Most of the day has been spent going through e-mail, making a quick browse of my aggregators, and registering the rising excitement and energy around next week’s NECC.
I also scan a few pages of this month’s WIRED magazine during a brief break, and ran across an interesting story about how some of the writings of Archimedes were found in 1906, when John Ludwig Heiberg found some of the Archimedes’ treatises in a medieval prayer book. The work has been unbound in 1229, and erased to be used in the prayer book, as paper was expensive back then.

Using the Stanford Linear Accelerator, scientists are producing x-rays capable of reflecting themselves from the iron atoms of the original ink. The researchers are able to construct a 600 dpi image of the text.

WE    CAN    SEE     SO    MUCH    TODAY!

Teaching and learning in this day and time should be incredibly exciting.

Tweney, Dylan. “Blast to the Past.” WIRED Magazine Jul 2006: 30.

Photo from: Woods, Heather Rock. “Archimedes Manuscript Yields Secrets Under X-Ray Gaze.” Interation Point. 20 May 2005. Stanford University. 28 Jun 2006 <http://www2.slac.stanford.edu/tip/2005/may20/archimedes.htm>.

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