Hitchhikr Enhancement

I just made some code changes in Hitchhikr that I think will make it a little more useful. When a user adds a conference, they suggest one or more tags as suggested tags for bloggers and photobloggers. Before, a visitor to Hitchhikr could see blogs and photos for the one tag that was identified as the primary tag. The visitor could then click other suggested tags to see entries for them, but entries only for one tag at a time.

Now, when the visitor initially selects the conference, they see blog entries tagged with ANY of the initially suggested tags. They can still drill down to individual tags by clicking them, but you can now view blogs for all suggested tags.

This feature does not yet work for the photos, because of limitations in the API. But I’m working on it. It’s time now to prepare for today’s workshops at the Gaston County Schools Teaching & Learning Conference.

But, before I do that, the top viewed conference right now are:

NECC — next week in San Diego
ALA 2006 — just finished in New Orleans
EduBlogs06 — next week in Spain
TIE 2006 — last week in Colrado
BLC06 — middle of next month in Boston

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