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The Most Amazing Construction Projects

Constructing a building takes into consideration a great deal as this infographic shares. To begin with, the materials, climate, and foundation must sustain the structure, there must be enough men and women to complete the project with enough knowledge to put into the construction, finances are a major consideration, and of course time.

These construction projects take these into consideration, and a great deal more. Do research into various construction projects your students find interesting and find out how these ideas were factored in. For instance, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, what could have been done then, and what can be done now to prevent a building from leaning.

What other things must be considered during construction? What simple machines are used during construction? How is the climate and the soil under the building a factor when choosing a location? How do people finance the building of these massive projects?

Blog: http://visual.ly/most-amazing-construction-projects

Infographic: www.rockanddirt.com


  • Lonny

    Probably one of the most exciting trips each year with our junior construction class was when we would tour the city. We would explore several different styles of homes by generation and see how they progressed from the thirties through to present day construction. The style of homes was always a hot topic but so was the different types of siding, shingles and even simple things such as overhangs. We also would look at some commercial buildings to see there differences in style as well. A tour of a partially build home was another exciting trip as it provided the students with the backdrop to the projects that they would be working on in class. It also offered the opportunity to talk with journeyman in the industry and their thoughts on what it was like to work in the construction trade. Two simple but very informative tours for students.

Photo taken by Ewan McIntosh in a Taxi in Shanghai

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