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At this moment, I’m sitting in my hotel room in Silver Spring, Maryland, and continuing to think #beyondthetextbook. I will likely continue to grow this particular blog entry as the next two days progress at the Discovery Communications Headquarters, just a couple of blocks away.

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But right now, I thought I would post some links to blog entries I’ve written over the past few years on the subject of “what’s on the other side of the textbook.”

Also, the other day, I asked readers to come up with a simile for the other side of textbooks, “It will be like a…” Here are a few that plucked my imagination.

The TB of the future will be like a..

  • like a quest
  • like a production studio
  • like an extension of our brains
  • like a reality game
  • like a video playlist
  • like swiss army knife
  • like a personal assistant
  • like a platform that provokes conversation
  • like a holodeck
  • like a choose your own adventure story
  • like a Palantir
  • map for a learning journey
  • like an interaction engine
  • like a Matrix up-link
  • like an aggregator that searches and updates content
  • more like a word problem than a calculation problem

More to come!



  • paul shircliff

    many teachers are still very tied to a textbook for their curriculum…not sure if it is lack of content knowledge or standards/testing/admin have delineated what they have to teach….or the “standards” are difficult to interpret….or they have been beaten down by years of lack of support…or there is just not enough time to develop the resources for a dynamic curriculum…or the parents “depend” on the kids to have a textbook…
    Maybe we need to attack that level before we can decide what a “textbook” should be???

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