IT Makes People Happier

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A recent study by BCS, a research firm in the UK, finds that on average people are happier with access to information technology (networked, digital, and abundant information). Reporting about the study in Mashable, Jennifer Van Gove wrote that’

..information technology (i.e. Internet access) increases their sense of freedom by 15% and improves their overall well-being. Altogether, our life satisfaction increases by 10% when we have IT access, the study concludes. ((Van grove, Jennifer. “The Web Makes the World Happier.” Mashable. 15 May 2010. Web. 15 May 2010.))

The study, The Information Divident: Can IT make you happier?, represents data collected from 35,000 respondents around the world. Van Grove mentions the fact the past studies have indicated that increased wealth does not correlate to greater happiness contrasting what many might see as a relationship between wealth and technology. BCS argues, according to the Mashable article, that increased happiness happens because “IT helps to promote and enable empowerment and autonomy.” This rings true to me, that empowerment trumps enrichment.

I think that this may be good news for schools that are trying to keep students enrolled and engaged in learning, and to retain good teachers.  Empower them with information technologies, which are, for most of us, standard contemporary and assumed tools.

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Author: David Warlick

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