My Wimpy Self

My Wimpy Self

Have you wimped yourself? I did, first thing this morning. See?

It started with Facebook, a quick scan of what’s happening (or the latest 15 happenings) and Jennifer LaGarde having wimped herself into… (see left).

I’ve been looking for a way to caricature myself, so this caught my attention, and I clicked over to It’s based on the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, (“Its not a diary it’s a journal”) opening March 19 (“Holy Moly, how have I come to LEARN so much about this movie)..

OK, it’s viral advertising — and it worked for me. Through a typical kindergarten technique of change the pants, change the hair, change the chin, I wimped myself — and was grinning the whole way.

Hmmm, could you infect your virtual learning environments with this sort of viral engagement. “Pop! Jennifer just finished her essay. Wanna see it? ‘squeek! squeek!'”

If only I could get my wimpy self to stop scratching its butt…

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4 thoughts on “My Wimpy Self”

  1. We have used Wimpy as an extension tool for our lessons on online identity. The focus of the lesson is a positive approach to taking care of your online identity. As an extension, we have our students creating avatars for their online work. This is a link to our 3 class’ sets of avatars. We will be revisiting these voicethreads with student reflections.


  2. How cool is this! My student are crazy about this book. This book and all of the other books in this series are such popular choices in elementary school. They even have a diary (journal) that the students can create for themselves. They get to write their very own Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Now, they can use this fun tool to turn themselves into a character, just like the book. What a great way to incorporate technology to foster creative writing. This will be very motivating!

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