Five Tips for Communicating

Yesterday, Ralph Jean-Paul suggested “5 Powerful Ways to Write Dynamic Content” in the Famous Bloggers site.  It’s a short read but speaks more broadly to communication than just blog writing.  It’s about competing for attention, which, in a world that supposedly is doubling its technical information every 72 hours, we’re all making decisions on what we’re going to read and what we’re going to ignore.

I would insert one additional recommendation — Have something to say. I’ll append Jean-Paul’s list and suggest again that you link over and read his explanations.

  1. Be Unique
  2. Write for Humans
  3. Be Interesting
  4. Commit to Quality
  5. Have a Call to Action

Added a couple of hours later

I would also add that the writer (communicator) be open to learning something new in the conversation that your ideas evoke.

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9 thoughts on “Five Tips for Communicating”

  1. Thank you for your timely & educationally sound advise. I am a new blogger and a student trying to learn new technologies for the classooms of 2010 and chose to include your blog information as something that would benefit me professionally in my role as a teacher.

    1. Same here! I’m also a teacher and a graduate student of instructional technology. I am new to blogging as well. I agree with you that David’s posts are deeply thought provoking.

  2. Thanks for the link to Famous Bloggers and this list. I agree whole-heartedly. With every post it should be in the back of your mind: is this post worthy of the reader who may have over 40 blogs they are following? Browsers don’t want to waste time on circumlocution or ‘me speak.’

  3. I frequently find myself having to translate things from Spanish to English. This can be quite time consuming for me since although I speak some Spanish I am not fluent. I am wondering whether or not there is a good Spanish to English translation website that I can use to do this a bit more quickly and easily. I would love to have more time to do other things. The translations don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be good enough that I can get the gist of what the document is saying and make an answer to any questions posed to me.

  4. Thanks for a great advice, David. I just recently picked up on blogging and am finding it quite interesting. It’s great to read about the thoughts others have about current events and effective practices of education. There are a ton of “edublogs” out there and obviously some posts (or even the entire blog) can get ignored. I clearly see how those 5 + 2 recommendations will help me communicate my ideas as a blogger in an effective manner. Also, I recently found about about tags and rss. As a reader, tags and and rss feeds are great tools to recieve information of our interest easily.

  5. I also love the flickr photos. It is a great joy to see some of the sites vicariously. I also am learning about RSS and tags. It really is exciting and fun to share information and learning with others who are just learning from some more experienced bloggers and the potential we have with technology right at our fingertips.

  6. I think it is worth remembering the five points established for communication. It is sometimes easy to branch off on a tangent or to lose the focus of the script if you are not mindful of the audience. If one takes into account distinctiveness, interest, and quality then efficiency and effectiveness in communication can be attained. Alvira Khan, Florida Atlantic University, FAU Boca Raton Alumna.

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