Waiting for the Telescope

I’m still sitting in the coffee shop. Evidently, I am near the university. The clientele are bohemien couples, hippie holdouts, and a couple of yuppies.

A couple of people are using laptops, so apparently there is internet. One Tom Wolfe looking guy is sitting in the corner with two laptops open. He’s wearing a fedora and drinking his coffee with an army canteen cup.


Next day at the airport. While waiting in the coffee shop a woman, who had been at the conference, came in with her husband. Her name was Jennifer, and she had presented as well. They were from the Pheonix area, and staying over to see Mars as well.

At 7:15, the line was already very long. Because I had purchacesed Becaused I h& purched a ticket earlier in the day, I was able walk right in.

I wish that I could explain how moving it was to look throught the telescope that Pursival Lowell errected and see the planet Mars.

Waiting for the Telescope

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