After the conference

The conference ended around 3:00 with no flights out of Flagstaff this late. Usually, I’ll head for the hotel and camp out, but Brenda worked up a fantastic list of things to see here in the Flagstaff area.

Being a old time space geek, I picked the Lowell Observatory. After a short drive up another mountain, putting me at about 8,000 feet, I entered the Lowell Observatory complex. There are actually several telescopes, and they all have a story. The most interesting one was the one that discovered Pluto.

They will be allowing the public to use one of the telescopes at 7:30 and if I go back to my hotel room, I won’t get out again. So I’m sitting in a wonderful coffee shop, near the campus, typing with my thumbs.

The confernce was great. The only problem was the enormous amount of ambient light in the presentation room. It was extremely difficult to see the slides. But it’s amazing how unimportant such problems can be when you’re with really good people.

After the conference

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