Kinda Like Missing that Golden Podcast Opportunity

I was mostly speechless yesterday, upon opening Twitter Deck and finding a slew of congratulations.  I refused to believe it at first, but, upon clicking through to the EduBlog Awards and then the link to The winners have been announced...  Well there it was.

I’d received a Twitter congratulation a few weeks ago, my first and only known notification of being nominated for an Eddie.  It wasn’t my first nomination, but when I clicked in and saw the others considered for Lifetime Achievement (Stephen Downes, Scott Leslie, Will Richardson, Nancy White, Chris Lehmann, Graham Wegner, Michele Martin, Jay Cross), well I simply put it out of my mind.

.. wouldn’t you?

Then, I awoke yesterday morning to a stream of congratulations on winning the Eddie (it’s heavier than it looks).  My immediate throught was the Woody Allen line in Annie Hall, “Any club that would have me as a member…”  Of course, this notion didn’t last very long as I scanned the list of other winners (to the right), discovering the company I am keeping.

The winners of the 2008 Eddies are….

The thing that gives me relief (and concern) is that when I think of a Lifetime Achievement Award, I thing of an old guy, gray hair, forgotten by most, shuffling up to the stage bent over a cane.  Of the other nominees of this award, I am certainly the closest to retirement, at least as you do the math.  In fact, it occurred to both Brenda and I that this may be a not-to-subtle hint.

Screen capture of Second Life™ channel of the awards event, from Josie’s blog.

My extreme apologies to Josie Frazier, Dave Cormier, Jeff Lebow, James Farmer, and Jo Kay for missing the awards event.  Again, I’d tuned the whole thing out, in an effort to avoid disappointment.  I would also have been dreadfully under-dressed.

All of that aside, I am very proud and even more honored by this award and will wear the heavier-than-it-looks badge on the right panel of all of my web sites.

Thanks to James Farmer and  and Jose Frazier of for organizing the awards,

…and a very special thank you to all of my relatives for voting.  Counting uncles, aunts, cousins and quarter cousins, this comprises most of the populations of Cher’ville, Delview, Little Waco, and portions of Crouse (up to O’Dells Spit-n-Wittle Handy Mart).

Cheers and happy holidays!

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7 thoughts on “Kinda Like Missing that Golden Podcast Opportunity”

  1. I have been blogging for a short time and have only recently started reading your blog.
    I can understand why you received the award. I appreciate your insights and will continue my visits to your blog.

  2. Smiles, Tom Hanks won his Lifetime Achievement at 45…… smiles, AND join the young crowd of receivers of a Lifetime Achievement award!!

    You know, many of us owe our brave first steps into tech….(hmmm perhaps a gentle push by you)……because of your encouragement, support, and optimistic vision.

    You are loved, You are appreciated, You are respected, and We are VERY VERY lucky to know you.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  3. Hi David…

    Congratulations my friend. You are always humble, but I hope you realize the huge impact you have had in starting and driving conversations about shifting our perceptions and realities of school and learning. You have played a large role in my own personal development towards becoming an educator who is looking to prepare students for the future – and for that I thank you!

    Well done!


    ps…anyone who has seen you present knows that there is nothing old or forgotten about David Warlick! Hope you keep us entertained and challenged for many years to come.

  4. Congrats David. Fabulous that you won. You and the rest on the nomination list have done FAR more than I. I was really puzzled. I think someone was just reminding me that I turned 50 this year. 😉 Good on ya, man!

  5. I was delighted to find that you were awarded this lifetime recognition…specially as it was grass-roots bloggers who also voted for you (as well as your family). Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Engjoy 2009!

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