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Breakfast at Trader Duke’s

I don’t often do this, but breakfast at Trader Duke’s in Burlington, Vermont, begged for a camera.  It’s the Western Vermont Trader Omelet, in it tastes as good as it looks.

Last night, it was pizza at a funky place downtown, with my friend David Wells and his wife Lynn.  First goat’s cheese pizza I’ve had in months and the first pizza, where they literally covered the pie with mushrooms, since my first night away at college — 36 years ago.

It was an excellent meal and we hardly talked about work at all. I’m intrigued by David’s new podcast, called My Secret Vermont. He talks about the history of his adopted state and already has listeners from as far away as eastern Europe and China.  This truly is a unique state with a blend of New England attitude and the charm and spirit of the ’60s immigrants.

You can tell you in Vermont, when you see coats hung on hooks by the door of a popular restaurant in the middle of October.  We’re still waiting for the leaves to turn in North Carolina.

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  • http://quoteflections.com/ Paul C

    What is it about fall and hearty breakfasts? Doug Johnson posted about pumpkin pancakes, you about Western Vermont Trader Omelets,.. it’s got to be the brisk fall temperatures and spectacular scenery. Nothing more invigorating than the change of seasons!

  • http://www.tomsheehan.co.nz Tom

    Looks delicious Dave – now please blog about your walk later on today.
    As always love your blogging and the variety of blogs you share. Many thanks for your on going support of teachers everywhere.

Photo taken by Ewan McIntosh in a Taxi in Shanghai

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