Sessions Analysis

While sitting and waiting for the folks who are hosting my web servers to finish up some sort of network configuration, I decided to do my little term search through the concurrent sessions that will be offered at the North Carolina ed tech conference this week, NCETC.

I searched for several terms that occurred to me on the spur of the moment and found that of all of the new Web 2 technologies that have emerged over the past couple of years, the one that continues to rock is podcasting.  Here is the run down on the number of times each term was mentioned in the conference program:

Term Frequency

Web 2 10
Blog 11
Podcast 50
Aggregator 0
SecondLife 3
Video Game 13
Literacy 14
21st Century Skills 12

Of course, this doesn’t mean very much. The rubber doesn’t meet the road until the conference comes, and the conversation begins. Remember how, after NECC this year, people were saying that at least part of the value of this great conference was the conversations that happened outside of the sessions.
Hope to see some of you at NCETC…

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