NCETC 2007

Tammy Worcester
Tammy Worcester in 2006.  Tammy will be back this year as a featured speaker.

Next week is my state’s largest ed tech conference, the North Carolina Educational Technology Conference or NCETC.  Held at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, this conference attracts thousands of educators from across NC, and also South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.  Well, not sure about Tennessee, but I know lots of folks from our northern and souther neighbors who come up to G’boro for this event.

NCETC is not quite as big as FETC or TCEA, but it has very much the same feel, with lots of choices for breakout sessions to attend, national keynote (Dr. Debbie Silver & Alan November)  and featured speakers, an extensive exhibit hall, and the energized environment that is common to ed tech conferences.  I’ll be able to see Debbie Silver, but Alan’s keynote is being delivered along with breakouts, and I’ll be doing something with wikis then.  Bummer!  Not sure I like that.  Alan certainly deserves exclusive timing.

I just visited the Hitchhikr page for NCETC, and found that my friend, Bethany Smith is already busy blogging the conference, and I hope to see more.  The conference tags are:

    ncetc & ncetc07

There are no photos yet, but you can click to a slide show of laster year’s conference here.

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