Great David Pogue Look-AlikeSitting on the train on Sunday, with Brenda, on our way to New Haven, I looked over into the next section of the car and saw a young man and his daughter playing on a Macbook computer.  He looked so familiar, and I thought first of Dan Pink, whom I’ve met a few times lately.  But I knew that it wasn’t him.  Then it occurred to me.  It looked exactly like David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times.  Imagine that.  On the train with a great David Pogue look-alike!

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8 thoughts on “Look-Alike”

  1. Hi Dave! That’s no look-alike–that’s really me! I was riding home from NYC with my daughter! 🙂

    –David Pogue

  2. I know, Karyn. It’s like a double punch. Would you believe that I’m on the same train as David Pogue?

    And then, Would you believe that David Pogue reads my blog?

  3. Thought I should mention that I Googled the man as threatened and checked out his TED talk. Shoowhee! I like the way the man thinks and the fact that he can deliver it so wittily, not to mention musically… well, it’s the trifecta, isn’t it? Thanks for bringing him to my attention!

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