Portland Scatter

SkaterThe meeting continues with something called the Fishbowl.  There are four tables in the middle of the room, with eight chiefs, sponsors, and partners discussing their reactions and insights about what’s been presented here.  The rules are interesting.  Once they have said two things, made two statements, then they have to leave their table, and anyone else in the room can come up and take their seat.

While the conversation continues, I want to mention some fun I had last evening.  I took a long walk through downtown Portland (saw Wadsworth-Longfellow’s home).  Along one road, a number of skaters were riding their skateboards down the hill.  I was impressed, and reminiscent of my own experiences.  Of course, back then (way back when) we built the skate boards ourselves.

I had my camera with me and it has a rapid shot feature.  So I took a range of photos of one rider, and then turned them into an animated gif this morning.  Click here or the image to the right to view it.

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