My friend, Kevin Jarrett commented on yesterday’s blog posting about Lenovo’s “Yoga” computer, by describing Microsoft’s under-development Surface interface.

I did a quick search on YouTube and found this very appealing video that claims to disput Microsoft’s invention of this technology.  That aside, it’s fun to watch!  The sound of children giggling — what can you say!

6 thoughts on “Surface”

  1. I don’t think the Living Surfaces stuff has anywhere near the granualarity and resolution of the Microsoft Surface. Obviously there is a lot of surface simularity (no pun intended) in the demo but the Living Surfaces just notices shadows (according to their web site) while the Microsoft Surface interface involves a pretty fine level of detail. Everything builds on something else of course and there has been a lot of work with touch screens and other sensor technology over the years that a lot of people have used in various ways. You may also want to look at this demo/video at

  2. They have one of these floors at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto – I was quite surprised by how much chasing fake (but beautiful) fish and splashing in fake water cheered me up – I felt as though i had fallen into that Matisse painting of the goldfish bowl.

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