Greatest Challenge

I often go to Flickr to look for creative commons photos related to the concepts I’m writing about.  I rarely come up with such an appropriate picture.

Cable in the Classroom has asked me to pose a question for your consideration.  They would like to include, in the May issue of their magazine, a reporting of the challenges that teachers and students face as they learn to use digital content as educators and learners.  This is not just an important question.  It is an essential question, critical to the shape that education taking in a time when the very nature of information is changing.

I encourage you to answer this question from the perspective of your education goals and experience.  You can comment here, or blog your answer, including the following tag in your blog:


So here is the question:

“What is your greatest challenge in teaching appropriate, ethical use of web-based media to your students?”


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Wu, Stephen. “Ethics and Morals: Timeless and Universal?.” Stephenccwu’s Photostream. 7 Dec 2006. 24 Jan 2007 <>.

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Author: David Warlick

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