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For those of you who will be attending the North Carolina Educational Technology Conference, blogging your sessions will be a great way to expand the impact of the great presenters who will be sharing their knowledge and experience there.

Technorati is a blogging search engine. Hitchhikr uses Technorati’s API to generate its list of conference blogs.

A Hitchhikr page has been set up to track the blogs and the photos taken at the conference. The suggested tags are “ncetc” and “ncetc06”. One way to tag your blogs so that Technorati is to use this tag code generator, which is part of Hitchhikr. Note that this page will automatically resize itself, which may represent a bit of a nuisance. the single-line text box near the top, the two NCETC tags have already been posted, so the code in the larger, multi-line textbox will work for tagging your blog. However, if you have been taking notes on one of Tammy Worcester’s presentations, and want to include at tag for her in your blog, then just add worcester to to single link textbox and click submit. This will rewrite the code in the multi-line textbox to reflect the new tag. Simply highlight and copy this code from the textbox, and then paste it at the bottom of your blog. Make sure that your blogging engine or blogging tool is set to take HTML. You may need to click an HTML button from your tool bar to do this.

Finally, to get Technorati to index your blog, type its URL in the “Ping Technorati” section, and then click Ping! To scan through other blogs about the conference, either go to the NCETC Hitchhikr page or go to Technorati and search for ncetc or ncetc06.

Print Handouts
• Setting up a Blog (EduBlogs)
• Setting up a Blog (Blogger)
• Setting up Bloglines Account
• Setting up a Account
• Setting up a flickr Account
• Uploading Photos to flickr

If you will be taking pictures at the conference, you can upload them to a flickr account and have them available through the Hitchhikr page as well. If you are using a camera phone to take pictures, then can be uploaded directly to flickr via phone messaging (MMS) and applied directly to the conference.

Instructions for doing this are a bit more involved, so the links to the right for pdf handouts might be helpful.

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