I am so Lucky!

I’m sitting here with a group of AUTHORS, and they are all vivacious and stunning, obviously their words. They are highly intelligent, and would be happy to visit your school. In case you can’t tell, this is a collaborative blog, and I’m just typing in what they say. We’re all wondering now, where the cookies went, and the wonderful egg sandwichs. All of the ham sandwich are still there, because author are notorious vegegarians and they’ve all read Charlotte’s Web, so “No Ham.”

The authors are:

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2 thoughts on “I am so Lucky!”

  1. David,

    It was great meeting you and sharing lunch with you. We got cookies delivered to us–part of our good luck yesterday. It started by meeting you! Sorry to read that your flight got cancelled. Also sorry we couldn’t come to your presentation. We happily sitting in author’s alley, talking to librarians–some of my favorite people!
    So again, great meeting you, and thanks for teaching us so much over tiny sandwiches.

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