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Today, I have an incredible treat.  I’m going to watch a keynote
address by someone I respect immensely.  David Jakes, director of
technology for the Downers Grove High School District of Illinois will
be delivering the opening keynote address at the Technology &
Learning TechForum in Austin Texas.  It was touch and go last night as
Chicago was sacked in with fog and his flight to Austin was canceled. 
Judy Salpeter called me at the Grand Rapids airport to check on my
progress, and I had already received my boarding pass to fly into
Chicago.  When I asked, the good folks at American Airlines gave me a ticket to take
a Delta flight through Cincinnati, and then on to Austin, arriving at
the hotel around midnight last night.  Just one of those things.

is a great person to pay attention to.  He is, at the same time, a
skeptic, grounded in reality (since he’s still gainfully employed), and
also an original thinker, able to connect concepts together to make good things happen.  

Dave also makes it his sport of choice to heckle me in conferences.  So, “Watch out!”

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  1. No matter the obstacles he overcame to get to Austin, his presentations were informative and down to Earth. I am able to take his information presented and apply some of it to my little South Texas School District. I look forward to seeing and hearing him present at more conferences.

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