A Tough Day

It was that.  The day started with lab work for an upcoming check-up.  Needles.  Then there was a 12:30 telephone panel discussion with folks from eMints, HighTech High, and other high places.  A bit intimidating, but I learned a lot from the other contestants.  The discussion will be transcribed into an upcoming journal article.  I’ll keep you posted.

The day ended with a fun, but stressful fireside chat with about 50 participants in the K12 Online Conference — all of us sitting around the glow of our computer screens.  I do not have much experiences with on-line webinar style work, and the software was a bit intimidating to me, though others who have had extensive experience have already, in their blogs, raved about Eluminate, the system that we used.  I personally applaud, once again, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, who served masterfully as the session moderator.  She was the perfect host.  I can’t help but picture her with wires coming out of her ears, and light flashing on her forehead, because she was managing an enormous number of people, and handling the  heading and air conditioning at the same time — and our voices, our applause, E V E R Y T H I N G !

Outstanding Job!

Now it’s back to normal — back to the airport today for St. Paul, where, tomorrow, I’ll give my contemporary literacy speech, adapted for an audience of science teachers.  That ought to be interesting.

Heading for the airport with changing in my pockets!

Here’s a screen shot from Wes Fryer from last nights fireside chat

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