OK, Stop Everything

I’m trying really hard to get everything done with all my appointments today, and before I hit the road tomorrow for the next week and a half.  I am also trying to keep the corner of my eye on the K12 Online Conference, for which the keynote was just announced. 

This is a lot to ask of me.

But I just got rocked when I took a quick look at my presentation’s wiki page to see if anything is happening there was amazed…. 

Context —  I’m here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I’ve recorded the presentation by carrying my video camera around with me to the local coffeeshop, the train station, my back yard, and the first person who sets up their personal notes wiki page on the wiki site…

lives in Tianjin, China.

The world is not flat.  Geography is simply not relevant!

OK, enough hyperbole.  Time to get back to work.

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