This is Web 2.0 —- this is Learning 2.0

Tracy Weeks, at PargoNet, does a pretty good job of describing what happens in Web 2.0 in her recent post about experiences at the NCSLMA conference this week.

am on day 2 of the NCSLMA conference. I have attended several sessions
at this point which discuss the use of Web 2.0 in its various
implementations in K-12 Library Media Programs. No matter how many
times I attend sessions like this I always learn something new – and
what is so comfortingnis that, from my observations, so is everyone
else – including the presenters!

For example, the last session was on using
iPods in education. The presenters were sharing their experiences and
when questions were posed by session attendees that they could not
answer, someone in the audience would pipe up with their knowledge!
This evolved into a discussion session rather than a presentation
session with everyone sharing their individual experiences and ideas –
the result being that I walked away with a much richer set of
information to take back to my schools than if I had only had access to
the info the presenters brought to the table.

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