One I missed… N-AMAC

I took a fairly extensive tour of the Austrian Computers in Education Conference yesterday, but completely missed the N-AMAC. Well, can you blame me with a name like N-AMAC? I blame me, because this is one of the best reported and recorded small conferences I’ve ever seen. Any conference that features and event like this (see right), deserves noting, at the very least.

Anyway, Hitchhike to this conference and read some of the blogs. You can also see a slide show of the conference pictures. I was especially taken by this blog (A Wiki about Classroom Blogging), whose author I can not find, other than tbarrett from the URL. He talks about a wikispaces wiki he has created to explore educational applications of blogging — ClassroomBlogging. Very cool.

Image Citation
Naace Blogger, “Naace Conference Party.” Naace Blogger’s Photostream. 6 Mar 2006. NAACE. 3 Oct 2006 <>.

(I just realized that many of these pictures a probably from previous NAACE conferences)

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