ACEC has Begun

The Australian Computers in Education Conference began many hours ago. Check out the conference at:

and the ongoing conversation, especially the world correspondent, 21st Century educators, Brett Moller) at Hitchhikr:

The AustralianComputers in Education Conference 2006 (ACEC 2006) is the biennialconference of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE).The ACEC conference is hosted by the Computer Education Group of amember state or territory after a bidding process. The QueenslandSociety for Information Technology in Education (QSITE) with the FarNorth Queensland Chapter based in Cairns, is hosting ACEC 2006.


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Moller, Brett. “01102006.jpg.” Bmoller79’s Photostream. 30 Sep 2006. 2 Oct 2006 <>.

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