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4:51 AM

I wrote yesterday about the support staff at the PENN Alex school and their work to assure that the technology was available and reliable for us. I can’t thank them enough, and if you are here at NECC, and see a tech person, thank them. This event would not happen without them.

Incredibly Helpful Support folksI neglected to mention the friendly and knowledgeable help that I received when I checked-in at the conference registration area. NECC works because of an enormous number of volunteers who are investing their valuable time into making this a valuable event.

I want to mention one more group of people. There are many here at NECC who will not get a chance to sit in sessions and learn. They are the many educational technology leaders, who are here for meetings. NECC is one event that most ed tech people attend. For that reason, many societies, associations, corporations, and national and international agencies hold there meetings at the conference, and I have meet quite a few people here who will be spending all of their time in meetings sharing, building, planning strategy, approving products, and much more. They are the leaders of this great movement to modernize our schools and classrooms.

Even if we can’t distinguish them from all of the other increasingly fatigued educators here at NECC, give them a thanks in your mind. If this movement succeeds, it will be to no small measure a result of our leadership.

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  1. Sounds like it is an incredible conference. I am interested to hear more about what is going on with technology in schools over your side of the world. Keep us all informed…. I have blogged about some ed tech issues going on here in Australia compared to what I observe from US educator blogs. It would be great to get your and others comments…. (ed tech blog)



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