Step Aside, CNN!

Podcasting in San FranciscoOn the last day of NECC, I will be having fun. I’m not taking the day off, but delivering my last presentation, Podcasting. The fact of the matter is that at the deadline for submitting proposals to present at NECC, I hadn’t even heard of podcasting. My first experience was when John Blake, an educator in Whiteville, North Carolina, walked up to me at the NC Educational Technology Conference (December 2004) and thrust his iPod, equipped with a Griffin iTalk in my face and proceeded to interview me. I was dumbfounded, and, to be honest, gave it very little thought until the Winter holidays when I took some time to explore.

By February, I became convinced that podcasting would be a player in the education arena, and sent an e-mail to some NECC contacts offering to do a session, if they currently had no proposals dealing with podcasting. They asked me to submit a proposal, and said they’d work it in if they had cancelations. I don’t know what canceled, but I’ll be talking about and demonstrating podcasting (Step Asside CNN: I’m Listening to my Podcast) at 12:00 PM in room 113A in the Convention Center on Thursday.

A search of the NECC program reveals that this is the only presentation that mentions podcasting, there will likely be a number of seasoned producers in the audience as well as learners. For this reason, I’ve decided to use a wiki for my online handouts and have invited a number of practiced education podcasters to contribute to the handout site. If you are podcasting and would like to examine and perhaps contribute to the handouts before the presentation, please send me an e-mail (david[dot]warlick[at]gmail[dot]com).

Finally, I am planning to regularly record my impressions of the conference and interviewing participants to learn about what they are learning, and how it will impact their work. My plan is to post a daily podcast program on Connect Learning, but this will remain dependent on circumstances.

See you in Philadelphia!

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