The Rise of the “I”

I’ve been working through a major overhaul of Class Blogmeister and as a matter of reference, just pulled up its Google Analytics report.  There were few surprises, such as a decline in its use over the years — which I was actually encouraging for a time.

What did surprise me was a review of the operating systems that were accessing the 10 year old classroom blogging site (see below).  Windows continues to hold a substantial lead with 57.33% of the hits.  But second and third are what caught my eye.  

iOS has overtaken Macintosh OS for the number two spot.

..and then there was a not-to-be-ignored 6% for Android.

I guess what truly strikes me is that CB is essentially a data-entry activity, if I might be forgiven for using such an archaic term.  It’s about typing.  What sorts of subtle biological evolutions are going on, that our children can type so much on an often hand-held glass surface? 😉

Google Analytics for Class Blogmeister, Visits by OS for the past month

2 thoughts on “The Rise of the “I””

  1. Hi David – So I’m curious, what has made you decide to overhaul CB? Even though I’ve left the classroom to train teachers, I still use my class’s CB blog constantly to demonstrate the possibilities – and I know teachers (my wife is one) that still use CB, but as you point out, you have been not exactly encouraging use of CB for awhile now. In fact I have stopped encouraging folks to sign up for CB for that reason. And note, there are features of CB that I really like over some of the other blog platform choices, – one being how it keeps count of reads which to me is one of the most motivational aspects of CB. I’ll have to check it out again and see if I should put CB back on my list.

    And, thanks again for providing Class Blogmeister over the years – it has truly changed the lives of many of my students for the better.

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