Just another day with Mark Ahlness

Mark Ahlness posted a wonderful chronology of his day as a blogging teacher. Please read the entire piece.

Just another day, by Mark Ahlness

During the day, my kids post twelve new blog articles. I approve ten of
them, leave feedback for the rest… These blogs were not directed or
assigned by me. I would say some of my kids are in a true writing
frenzy, so postings were all over the place, from August’s thoughtful I Hear Ya’, to an anticipatory School from Jackson, to Hannah’s wacky my golf ball named Larry! What teacher would not love this?

Added later
I think that what intrigues me about Mark’s day is that it describes a flat classroom, where the teacher is facilitating learning, by facilitating conversations. The students are working less from teacher made assignments and more out of their own energy as curious learners with an intrinsic need to communicate.

What do you think?

One thought on “Just another day with Mark Ahlness”

  1. David, this has been an absolutely thrilling year in the classroom. I feel so lucky to have these incredible new tools to use (many thanks to you for classblogmeister) – and also to be blessed with a very special group of kids.

    As to the flat classroom, yes, I am indeed just a facilitator at times. But with young ones like I have, there is still the need for a goodly amount of teacher-led structured learning situations, in my opinion. My class is very traditional looking in many ways – kids sit in paired desks, they all face to the “front”, etc. But then there are the seventeen computers surrounding us all 🙂 It is a very exciting transition.

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