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6:54 AM

Sorry I haven’t been writing very much. I am in my home county right now (Gaston County, NC) working a district-wide staff development conference. And it is a conference. I haven’t counted the presenters, but their program book is a thick as any state tech conference I’ve attended, with presentations from locals and out-of-staters alike. the topics include differentiated instruction, brain-based research, 21st century literacy, and “making teaching fun”.

I did my contemporary literacy keynote yesterday and have been spending the rest of my time there teaching teachers to build web pages with PiNet, which the district has installed on their web servers.

Can’t Attend NECC? We’ll Blog it For You!
Here’s what SEGA Tech is saying.

Thanks to the kindness of Barbara Hewick, a Web Marketing Manager at ISTE, it looks as though SEGATech and others will be blogging the NECC in Philadelphia. If you’re unable to make to NECC, relax; you can check our blog for news and commentary concerning the conference. Thanks, Barbara!

This could, indeed, be a new kind of NECC, the beginning of something uniquely valuable, as conferences become as much a journalistic sharing beyond time and space, as it is a focal event of smart people getting together and growing their skills and knowledge.

Very cool!

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