Conference Sandwich

I slipped out from the NCAECT Conference in Charlotte yesterday, so that I could spend a day (and evening) at FETC in Orlando. I’ve gotten to spend some time with old friends, meet some new friends, and today, I’ll be presenting a Web 2.0 presentation. This is a world class conference, so I’m hoping for a handful of participants. Will Richardson has promised to come. Would you be nervous talking about the Read/Write Web in front of Will Richardson?

Anyway, the main reason for this blog post is to have something to post on my blog during my presentation. So I best not waste any more of your time.

After my session, I’ll fly back up to Charlotte for the rest of the NCAECT conference.

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One thought on “Conference Sandwich”

  1. I would totally be nervous talking with Will Richardson, or YOU, in the room while I was explaining Web 2.0, however, as soon as the “conversation” started I would be into the audience and the purpose! Good luck, you are the man.

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