At FETC Learning about Podcasting

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Tim Wilson talking to an excited group of educators  about PoscastingPopular podcaster, Tim Wilson, is talking to a great (and raucous) group of educators about podcasting. It’s a lot of beginner stuff, but he has said several times that podcasting is a professional development endeavor. I thing that this is absolutely true and very important, and one of the best things about teachers listening to podcasting.

I landed around 4:00 PM in Orlando, and Will Richardson and I drove in to the convention center area where we met up with one of his colleagues and finally with Steve Dembo. We had dinner in The Rosen Centre Hotel and we are now at the Podcast Palooza.

Tim just introduced us to the Podcave, his podcasting equipment. Here is his blog where he introduced the world to the Podcave.

Most communities, even isolated rural towns, have some sort of museum. How cool would it be to have students do the research, write the scripts, and record the audio guides that people can check out at the information desk and understand better the exhibits. (too cool)

Over the head shot at podcast session
Over the head shot at the podcast session

Izzy Video, is a video podcast that Tim recommends. Looks interesting. So Tim is demonstrating and talking about screen cast, podcasts that he does for his teachers, for professional development, while I’m taking pictures with my phone, uploading them to flickr, linking them into this blog, that I’m typing while he’s talking, and I’m updating the blog every five minutes or so. Is this to passe’ for me to be this excited about. I just have a weakness for all of this connection.

Ok, so David somebody is demonstrating GarageBand and podcasting. I have an ongoing conversation with a number of people concerning making Podcasting too easy. I’ve resisted looking at GarageBand 3, because I want my podcasting to be a little clunky. Clunky, I think, enables more innovation. But I’m sitting here, watching GarageBand 3. I have no choice. I can’t look away. Ok, so there is now a podcast button on the opening screen. Now we have a Garageband with a male voice track, a female voice track, jingles and radio sounds tracks. Oh, and some group participating loops. Oh Oh, iPhoto plugs in, so I can include some visuals for an enhanced podcast. That easy? Hmmm

Oh Oh Oh, share to iWeb? What is iWeb? Web editing software, and my podcasted is automatically embedded into a web page? My podcast is done. To easy, to quick, to simple. To much time left over to work with my content. Hmmmmm

Got to give this some thought.

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  1. Dave,

    You need to check out GB3 it is amazingly simple, and allows us podcasters to give more time to thinking about the content. iWeb is also worth a look. Making it easy is great…. why the worry? I stick to the KISS rule in all I do in education…. Keep it simple stupid…. or Keep it simple sweetheart…. depend how you are feeling!! Well that is my boarding call to head home…. Big day in Sydney….

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