Rolling Along…

I’m writing today, simply as a way of keeping a certain amount of momentum going here. I just got back to my office from an afternoon cholesterol walk, two miles, with my camera, but nothing worth removing the lens cap.

At this point, I am fairly isolated from much thought about education, beyond passing one or two things via Twitter and/or Google+. I have several long posts in draft box, but probably will not get back to them soon.

It became clear during the final months of 2011, that my two web servers were not  adequately handling the load of Citation Machine and Class Blogmeister, and certainly not the millions of readers of this blog. So I have a new “Uber” server and only two weeks to move all of my sites over. Trouble is that I have no idea how this move is going to go, how many of my sites it’s going to break, and how much debugging I’ll have to do to fix them. So my head’s going to be pretty deep in code and Linux shell commands.

EduCon 2.4
January 27-29 in Philadelphia

The good part… it’s the sort of work that allows me to have some video going in the back ground, and I’ve discovered a channel on YouTube that carries old episodes of Inside the Actor’s Studio. Great fun and interesting to learn which actors are actually as gregarious as the parts they play.

Chances are that I’ll not surface again until EduCon, which I’ll attend only for the Sunday portion. I anticipate much frustration deciding which conversations I’ll attend.

5 thoughts on “Rolling Along…”

  1. That sounds so cool! Uber server 🙂 Man, I hope the sites don’t break, or at least not much so you don’t have to spend all your time debugging and coding.

    But in case something goes wrong, do you know when Class Blogmeister will be moved? So in case it goes down we’re ready? 🙂

  2. Your classblogmeister got me started! My students love Citation Machine. I guess these are good problems but still a big headache. I’ve been working on the back end of my own blog. It is frustrating b/c I feel like I could be doing other things and yet in some geeky sort of way, I guess it keeps us looking at the technology and keeps our minds sharp. Thank you for all of the support and service you give to educators around the world. Many of us are out here reading everything you write, so share what you will. I do need to find you on Google+ – I’m still working to integrate that into my work flow. Thanks for everything.

  3. 🙂

    A lot of what’s getting moved over are sites that are no longer live. I’ve been building web sites since 1994, so there’s a lot of stuff that I’m just no willing to let go of yet.

    I’m using Rackspace ( They’re more expensive than most, but the support is almost 100% unfailing. With the traveling that I do, and my lack of 100% unfailing technical skills, the support was critical.

    I’m moving my sites from two medium servers to one gargantuan one.

    Great luck to you!

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