I’ll be back on the road later this week. I’ll first drop by the pre-conference day at NCAECT (North Carolina’s ISTE affiliate) and hang out for a while with friends before going over to the Charlotte airport for a flight down to Orlando, where I’ll do a general presentation called, “The New Web and the New Shape of Information”, basically the same thing I did as a featured address at CUE last weekend. Will Richardson has already promised to be in the audience, and I hope to see other friends during my short stay there.

I’ll fly back to Charlotte right after my presentation for the last day of the NCAECT conference, where I’ll do a featured address on “Telling the New Story”. The recent blogospheric discussions on this topic are going to give me a lot to think about in preparing for this address.

But back to FETC, Will mentioned something, in FETC Blogger Meetup? about the pickings for read/write web topics at the conference being rather slim. So I decided to capture all of the session descriptions and feed them into a little script that I have that generates a tag cloud. Here is the cloud for the FETC concurrent sessions, showing all words that appeared at least ten times.

achievement activities applications based classroom come communication community computer computers connections content county create created curriculum data developing development digital district education educational educators effective electronic elementary enhance environment exciting explore fcat florida free help high improve information instruction instructional integrate integration interactive internet k laptops leaders leadership learn learning lessons literacy making middle model online participants plans portfolios practical presentation professional program project projects provide reading real research resources school schools science session share skills software standards strategies student students successful support teacher teachers teaching technology tools video virtual ways web world writing

When creating a tag cloud for words appearing more than once, I found that blog and blogging each showed up twice and blogs showed up six times. RSS did not appear at all, which is partly my fault. My session is very much about RSS, yet I didn’t mention it. The original title was RSS: the New WWW. But I changed it. Wiki is not mentioned at all, but podcasting is mentioned 8 times and podcasts is mentioned twice.

To be fair, the descriptions were shore, and this may be the reason why such words are not appearing. So do not be disheartened.

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