357 Steps

I had a fabulous time yesterday with educators in Cherry Creek Colorado, just east of Denver, but in sight of the majestic Rockies. Over 160 educators exploring contemporary literacy, the new shape of information, and the unique world (and learning skills) of Millennials.

I haven’t had time yet to work through my notes from the Richard Florida speech and subsequent panel discussion, but perhaps on the airplane today. Until then, I want to suggest that any child (or adult) who has played Roller Coaster Tycoon, would be aghast at the layout of many of the travel facilities that I use.

Yesterday, I stayed at a hotel in the vicinity of Cherry Creek. The name will remain nameless, but it was one of my favorite chains, and it will continue to be. But in the morning, when I woke, and needed a hit of Caffeine, I set out in search of their convenient soda machine. I walked straight to it. Unfortunately, the walk took a good number of minutes, and when I found it, the machine did not work (an increasingly common occurrence). So I got on the elevator, went to the next floor, and found a machine that did work. Then I decided to count my steps back to the room.


Now I reference Roller Coaster Tycoon because this is a game where the player designs an amusement park. they layout the roller coasters and other rides, design the paths, and all other amenities. The task is to make money by serving people. But the digital people, who are provided by the game, are particular about their comfort. So the most hair raising ride will make no money if the paths are too narrow or if there are no concessions, bathrooms, or water fountains in the vicinity. You design to serve people. It is very cool, very compelling, and one of the most successful video games out there.

Don’t get me started about the hotel I’m leaving right now. The story would involved broken plumbing, clogged drains, no staff to fix it, and they left me with a plunger and extra towels to deal with the mess. Won’t be staying with this hotel chain again.

Sorry for this downer of blog. No time to add sunlight to it. It’s too early in the morning, anyway. But I’m on my way home. That’s a very very good thing.

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