Playing at PETE & C

Getting ready for the dayDay one is over, and today, I get to play, at PETE & C. Yesterday’s workshop was tough. I taught about 110 educators, mostly tech directors from across Pennsylvania — and it was hands-on. The folks from Prismworks are to be commended. The network served us flawlessly. A couple of the web applications that we explored crashed under the load, but everyone recognized that we were applying un-natural stress.

Quite a few of the participants commented after the workshop and during the evening receptions and casino night (I lost all my chips in record time), that they appreciated learning something new. It’s a problem that I’m hearing more and more from ed tech people, people who have been using technology to near Native extent, that they simply do not learn that much at these conferences. I told someone last night that I come for the stories. The tech is well and good, but I can figure that part out on my own. It’s the stories that are going to break us through.

The picture to the right is a conference participant who taught a workshop yesterday on Flash. She’s playing today as well.

More later, from PETE & C

Author: David Warlick

David Warlick has been an educator for the past 40+ years. He continues to do some writing, but is mostly seeking his next intersect between play, passion and purpose, dabbling in photography, drone videography and music production.